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5 Benefits of Dips Exercise (and How to Do Them Right)

Man doing dips

Are you interested in effective ways that will help you sculpt your body? In this case, you may be interested to know that using your body’s weight is an excellent way to grow muscle mass and get lean muscles.

If we are to mention an outstanding exercise that uses the weight of the body, it has to be the dips. Dips should be part of anyone’s routine because it trains both the arms and upper back. Plus, there are dip stations you can use in the comfort of your home, so you won’t be conditioned by going to the gym.

Why is it such a good idea to include dips in your training routine? The answer lies in the number of muscles worked out by this exercise. With the help of dips, you’ll target the deltoids, triceps, pectorals, and lats.

Translated this means a wider chest, better-shaped shoulders, and well-defined arms. Are you interested in more benefits of performing dips? Then you should have a look at the benefits listed below.

The Amazing Benefits of Dips

Below are the main benefits of dips that will surprise you!

The flexibility of your joints will be boosted


Man on dip stationWhen you have a shoulder-related issue or lack of strength in this part of the body, you may want to avoid performing dips. However, this exercise can help you regain your flexibility and improve it

Besides strengthening the muscles in your arms and back, dips can also boost the flexibility of your joints and tendons. You just need to start easy and work your way toward a more complex routine as your muscles get used to doing dips.

This means to go as low as you feel comfortable while feeling your muscles tensed, and perform as many reps as you can. In time, you will able to perform a full dip and do several reps at once. Just give your muscles time to get stronger.

They will pave the path toward more complex bodyweight exercises

What beginners should understand is the fact that dips will help them acquire the strength they need to perform harder and more complicated exercises.

While it’s true that dips can also seem difficult to someone that is not used to exercising, they will help you build the strength you need in time.

So, even if you recently started working out, you should include dips in your training routine. They will help you develop muscles in the upper body right and will prepare you for more intense calisthenics workouts.

They reduce the risk of getting injured

Woman performing dip exercise

It is very hard, if not even impossible, to get injured while performing dips. The position of the body, plus the fact that your legs are close to the floor, will help you get stabilized whenever you need it.

If your arms can’t handle the exercise any longer, you just need to drop to the floor, landing on the soles of your feet. Thus, it’s a great exercise to start your strength training, until you’ll gain more muscle mass and physical resistance.

Dips can be customized

Dips may seem simple, but the truth is that you can adjust this exercise according to your needs. The easiest part to adjust is the tempo of the exercise.

If you feel that regular dips are too easy, perform them at a faster rate and you will feel your muscles burn. You can also alternate intervals, performing dips at a regular rate, followed by several dips at a higher rate.

Or you can hang weights on your waist, increasing the weight of your body and, therefore, inflicting more tension on your muscles as they will have to work harder.

It’s the kind of exercise that is accessible to anyone

You don’t need a personal coach to perform dips correctly and reap the benefits of this exercise. Even if you go to a gym, dips are the first type of exercise you can enjoy without asking for assistance.

Dips can be performed by men and women alike, as they bring benefits to both parties. If you pay attention to perform them correctly, even if this means a lower number of reps, you will soon obtain the desired results.

Speaking of performing dips correctly, you will find out below how to do this right.

How to Perform Dips in a Correct Manner

Woman showing how not to do dips

Performing dips correctly is extremely important because it is the only way to obtain visible results.

If you don’t do them right, your muscles will not work as they should and the exercise will not be effective. Thus, when training, the general rule is to focus on quality and not quantity. Here is what you need to know to perform dips right.

  • Place your hands on the handles of a dip station. Your legs should be straight, with the soles of your feet on the ground;
  • Slightly bend your torso forward, until it forms a 30-degree angle. This will help you enjoy a higher level of stability during the exercise
  • Lift the soles of your feet off the ground by bending your knees. At this point, you should hold the weight of the body in your arms alone. Maintain the position of your torso slightly bent forward, as mentioned earlier
  • Check the position of your elbows, making sure they’re not too wide apart or too tucked in. To perform dips right, your elbows should be in a neutral position. This means that they will have to be in alignment with your arms
  • Lower your body as much as you can, by bending your elbows. Push your body back to the initial position, by using the muscles of your arms and chest. If you can’t push yourself back then you descended more than you can take at the moment. There’s no need to worry because you’ll be able to do this better in time. For the moment, stick to the movement range you can perform
  • Even if you can go lower, the lowest point is when the line of your shoulder descends below the line of your elbows. Once you get there, it’s time to push your body back up. This is the full motion range of a properly-done dip. If you can’t do it like this right from the start, work on it and you’ll get there faster than you may think.

What did you guys think of dips? And what suggestions do you have for us? Share them below in the comment section.